Gone from the school not from the Heart: Content Editors edition

The time-honored tradition of “Gone from the school, not from the Heart” continues in commemorating the legacy of the King Street Chronicle’s previous editors.  The 2018-2019 content editors, Juliana Collins ’19, Shantel Guzman ’19, and Katherine Santoro ’19, shared their college experiences thus far.  

Juliana Collins:

Bucknell University Class of 2023

Article Content Editor

What is your major and what do you hope to accomplish with it after college?

Juliana Collins ‘19 and Sara Micciulli ‘19 at Bucknell University.  Courtesy of Juliana Collins ‘19

“I am currently in the College of Arts and Sciences with an undecided major.  However, I am looking to double major in English and Spanish with a minor in Creative Writing.  After college, I would like to work in either the journalism field or in law.  I hope to study abroad in Spain where I can improve my Spanish and use it to communicate with others in whichever career path I choose.”

What do you miss the most about Sacred Heart Greenwich?

“I definitely miss my closest friends at Sacred Heart; however, five girls from Sacred Heart are at Bucknell so it’s like I have my sisters with me all the time.  I miss all the fun traditions and spending time with my friends who are lifers since I was always used to going to school with them.  It’s a new adjustment not seeing them in the hallways all the time.”

Are you participating in any journalistic activities in college?

“I recently joined Bucknell’s newspaper, The Bucknellian.  I am very excited to be a staff writer for the news section of the paper.  I will be publishing one article every week about upcoming events on campus or writing post-views about things that already happened.  I hope to use my collaborative skills on the paper as well as my leadership skills for The Bucknellian.”

Shantel Guzman:

Syracuse University Class of 2023

Article Content Editor and Live Stream

What is your major and what do you hope to accomplish with it after college?

Shantel Guzman ‘19 poses with one of her new friends from Syracuse University.  Courtesy of Shantel Guzman ‘19

“I am currently a Communication and Rhetorical Studies major in the School of Visual and Performing Arts.  However, I am hoping to transfer into S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications as an undecided major or Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs also as an undecided major.  I find so many future career paths interesting.  A few possible career paths are working for a media company such as the Jubilee Project and Cut or work on the communication media team for political campaigns.”



How did Sacred Heart prepare you for college?

“One class that really prepared me for college was Senior Seminar.  I am taking a philosophy class this semester where we try to answer the question: What is the meaning of life?  We’re reading some of the same readings from last year and discussing many of the same philosophers including Viktor Frankl, Plato, and Thich Nhat Hanh.  I just wish I brought my journal to college with me.”

Are you participating in any journalistic activities in college?

“I plan on getting involved in The Daily Orange which was recently ranked the number one college newspaper in America, according to the Princeton Review.  With that resource on campus, there is no way I can pass that up.  I am also looking into participating in CitrusTV which is the on-campus TV station.”


Katherine Santoro:

University of Southern California Class of 2023

Co-Features Editor and Video Content Editor 

What is your major and what do you hope to accomplish with it after college?

Katherine Santoro ‘19 working in the King Street Chronicle’s newsroom.  Courtesy of Daisy Steinthal ’19

“I am majoring in Communications at the University of Southern California’s Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism.  After college, I hope to go into a career in media, news, or film.  These are a bit broad but as I’m new to college and my major, I’m still figuring out exactly what I want to do.”

How did Sacred Heart prepare you for college?

“Sacred Heart prepared me for college in that I feel prepared to handle my coursework and I know that I have the skills to succeed here.  The other day in my English class lecture, my professor began talking about Father Greg Boyle and a book we would be reading later in the semester, Tattoos on the Heart.  I laughed to myself in that moment because I had to read the same book in Senior Seminar last year.  That’s just one example of how Sacred Heart set me up to do well here.”

Are you participating in any journalistic activities in college?

“As my classes just began two weeks ago, I am still very much new to USC, and just now beginning to join clubs and get involved on campus.  However, I know that I want to be a part of the school newspaper, the Daily Trojan.  Additionally, I hope to work in Annenberg’s Media Center, perhaps on the student-run news segment, The Rundown.  The Media Center provides students with so many incredible opportunities and resources, and I can’t wait to take advantage of it throughout my next four years here.”

Featured Image by Christine Guido ’20