Gone from the school not from the Heart: Content Editor edition


Claire Moore

The 2019-2020 content editors, Caroline Barnello ’20 and Amelia Sheehan ’20, have both been able to attend college in-person for the fall semester.

The time-honored tradition of “Gone from the school, not from the Heart” continues to recognize the previous year’s graduating class of editors.  Caroline Baranello ’20 and Amelia Sheehan ’20, 2019-2020 Content Editors, shared their college experiences so far amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

Caroline Baranello 

Bucknell University Class of 2024 

Content Editor-Articles and Digital of the King Street Chronicle 

How has your school adapted to COVID-19?

“Bucknell has been strongly enforcing safety precautions due to the coronavirus.  We have to wear a mask and social distance at all times when we are outside of our dorm rooms.  It has been very easy to follow these protocols around campus and in the classroom.  Due to the general safety of the campus, we have been allowed to remain on campus and not switch to remote learning.” 

What is your major and how do you hope to use it after college? 

Bucknell University’s campus remains open to students due to enforced safety procedures regarding coronavirus.  Courtesy of Caroline Baranello ’20

“I am in the Freeman College of Management here at Bucknell, but I am undecided at this time.  I hope that I am able to learn about different areas of business and excel in whichever future path I decide to take.” 

How have you been involved in your college community

“I am still adjusting to college life but I have become involved in Bucknell’s Italian Club.  I also volunteer for Bucknell farming to provide for the Bucknell and local Pennsylvania food banks.

Are you participating in any journalistic activities in college?

“Bucknell has a student newspaper called The Bucknellian and I am hoping to join and write articles as I did for the King Street Chronicle.  I am still adjusting to college life, but I am very excited to have an opportunity to pursue any journalistic program.  However, I know that nothing will beat the experience I had on the staff of the King Street Chronicle.”

What do you miss most about Sacred Heart? 

“I miss the tight-knit community of Sacred Heart.  I had so many close relationships with my Sacred Heart sisters and teachers, and it is hard to not see them every day in class, at morning meetings, or even in the hallway.  I miss everyone and I can’t express enough gratitude for the time I had to spend with them.  Even though I have graduated and become an alumna, I know that I will always have a connection to my Sacred Heart family.” 

Amelia Sheehan 

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Class of 2024 

Content Editor and Social Media Manager of the King Street Chronicle 

How has your school adapted to COVID-19? 

“UNC had an incredible plan in place for its students, especially because Carolina is the highest-ranked U.S. university in the world for coronavirus research.  Unfortunately, two weeks into the start of school, there was a COVID outbreak and the University had no other choice but to send their students home and pursue online learning.  Luckily, student-athletes were able to stay on campus following a two-week quarantine.” 

Amelia Sheehan ’20 poses in front of the University of North Carolina’s lacrosse fields, on which the varsity team practices.  Courtesy of Amelia Sheehan ’20

What is your major and how do you hope to use it after college? 

“I am planning on majoring in Psychology and minoring in Journalism and Media.  I am hoping to become a licensed psychologist and work with individuals who have eating disorders.  Journalism holds a very special place in my heart, and I believe it is the preeminent way to use your voice and tell a story in a riveting manner.”  

What is your favorite part of your college experience so far? 

“My favorite part of college has been getting to know my teammates on the lacrosse team.  UNC Lacrosse has a special culture, and I am so lucky to be a part of this incredible family.” 

How have you been involved in your college community? 

“I have been involved in a committee called “Voices” at UNC.  This is where student-athletes meet and can write and speak about social justice issues and activities on campus.  I also participate in a Leadership Academy, which is an opportunity that all student-athletes participate in to use their platform on campus for the greater good.”

 What do you miss most about Sacred Heart?

“I miss the people the most.  All the girls and teachers at Sacred Heart all became my family and it is hard to leave people that you are so close to.” 

Featured Image by Claire Moore ’22