“Humans of Sacred Heart” the Class of 2021 over the years


Claire Moore '22

Enjoy this compilation of Class of 2021 features in the weekly “Humans of Sacred Heart” column.

Over the years, the King Street Chronicle has featured many students of the Class of 2021 in its weekly column “Humans of Sacred Heart.”  Here is a compilation of members of the senior class featured in “Humans of Sacred Heart” in previous years.

Peyton Steinthal ’21

What was the best part of your night during the Father Daughter Dinner Dance?

“The highlight of my night was the Dadrigals’ video and performance.  It was my first time watching both the video and the performance.  I had no clue what to expect, but it ended up being one of the funniest things I have ever watched.  The song lyrics and skits were so creative, and I loved the video of the dads in the pool.  I cannot wait for the dance again next year to watch the Dadrigals again.”

Liv Lockwood ’21

How has the Sacred Heart Greenwich Peer Leadership program helped you this year?

“The Sacred Heart Greenwich Peer Leadership program has helped me a lot this year.  It is so nice to have upperclassmen to talk to and ask questions.  It is really nice, being new to the Upper School, to hear about how everything works and to find out what to do in high school from somebody who went through it as well.”

Sydney O’Connor ’21

What do you do to get over your “February moments”?

“During February I often get bored because it’s so cold and miserable outside. To get over my ‘February moments,’ I like to spend time playing piano, painting, and hanging out with friends.”

Emma Pope ’21

What is the value of receiving your Mater Medal this year?

“Growing up as a Christian in today’s day and age has been a confusing time for me, seeing as I have had to deal with a lot of questionable events in society that conflict with what I believe and how I act because of that.  In my eyes, receiving my Mater Medal this year is a metaphor for how Sacred Heart has helped enrich my faith in God and strengthen the perseverance to choose the right from the wrong in my everyday life.”

Lily Santangelo ’21

How long have you been fencing, and what prompted you to start the sport?

“I started fencing when I was 12.  I started because my friend invited me to her fencing birthday party.  I remember before I went I was not super excited about it, but when I got back in the car when the party was over, I told my mom I loved it and that I wanted to start fencing. I started with a camp that summer, and then the next school year I started playing and practicing on a more regular basis.”

Emma Rose Connolly ’21

How will the Spring Training Trip prepare you and the rowing team for the upcoming season? 

“I think this trip will better prepare me and the Rowing team for the Spring season because it will help us get more water time and try out new equipment.  The trip will also allow the entire team to connect as a unit before we come back to school and are flooded with the many stresses of work.”

Nina Ferrucci ’21

How has your business helped your community?

“When I first started baking, I was focused on learning and exploring new recipes and techniques but, as time went on, I thought about how I could use my talents to bring joy to other people.  For example, this summer, I donated over 200 cupcakes to the Weston Fire Department and a local Senior Citizen luncheon hosted by the Weston Firefighters.  In addition, I donated cupcakes several times to Don Bosco Community Center Soup Kitchen and provided catering services for a local business grand opening, a New York University gathering, a computer programming club at Holy Child, and several local holiday parties.”

Madison Mezzatesta ’21

Why did you decide to start Success Starts with a Pencil?

“I will never forget the moment that I came up with the idea for Success Starts with a Pencil.  It was a July morning and I was out for a walk with my mother.  We were talking about our plans for the remainder of the summer.  My mother, who is a graduate of Sacred Heart Greenwich, developed a passion for service to others during her years here.  On that walk, she challenged me to develop a service project and see it to completion before school started that fall.  As I thought about her challenge, and heading back to school, I got excited about my own personal experiences getting prepared for school to begin.  I especially love back-to-school supply shopping.  There is nothing better than sharp new pencils, fresh crayons, and clean notebooks.  I then began to think about so many students in our own community that may not be able to share this exciting experience due to financial constraints.  For these students, what is a very exciting time must be stressful, as they likely dread going back to school without a new backpack and the proper supplies.  It was at that moment that I decided to focus my project on creating backpacks filled with new school supplies for elementary school-aged children.  I realized that being successful often relies on simply having the proper tools, and for a young student that may be as simple as the proper school supplies, even if it’s just a new pencil.”

Annabelle Hartch ’21

What do members learn from their work in the Mock Trial Club? 

“In Mock Trial, members learn all about how a civil case works.  Given a long case to read and examine, we split into defense and plaintiff teams of three witnesses and three lawyers.  We work on direct questioning, cross-examination, openings, closings, evidence, and objections.  We will compete against other schools in a real courtroom in December.  In addition to learning about the ins and outs of a civil case, members will learn public speaking skills and quick critical thinking skills.  It is a great way to not only get familiar with the legal process but also build presentation skills and effective debate tactics.”

Morgan Felletter ’21

What is the most memorable experience you have had while competing in Irish dancing?

“My most memorable experience in Irish dance was the North American Nationals of 2018 because a lot of people from my dance school did well at this competition and the location in Orlando, Florida was both convenient and enjoyable.”

Fran Iraola ’21

What is your goal for your Spanish Tutoring program?

“My goal for my Spanish Tutoring program is to not only be able to share my love and passion for my native language, Spanish but also to inspire young girls who are learning it to become more excited about learning languages.  I believe the best way to inspire these girls is to make their learning experience easier in any way I can and to help them believe that they can and will be able to achieve success in the Spanish language.”

Grace Coale ’21

Why did you decide to fundraise for the coronavirus?

“In my Chinese class, we have been following coverage of the virus’s growth and all the suffering it has caused to the people in China.  I decided with Lily Santangelo, my fellow club head of the Chinese Club, to research any organizations that are providing aid to the people in China affected by this awful situation.  From our research, we found that the best way we could contribute would be to raise money to purchase various types of medical supplies to send to hospitals in Wuhan that are currently facing a supply shortage.  Due to this shortage of supplies, hospitals are forced to turn patients away untreated.  We were especially inspired to take action on the issue after seeing how it has affected the close friends of our Chinese teacher, Ms. Xian Zheng, and how scary that can be.”

Featured Image by Claire Moore ’22